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Jennifer Sosa aka StitchinJenny

Thank you for your interest in private lessons with StitchinJenny. Please take a moment to review your options and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Private Lessons are a great way to learn in a relaxed setting that is “tailored” to your specific needs and learning style.

Lesson Options – “What types of Private Lessons and Projects are Available?”

  • Private Lessons are all about you getting to learn whatever you are interested in learning. This includes Sewing, Serging, Machine Embroidery, and Embroidery Software. Please contact StitchinJenny for more information about types of lessons available or take a look at her Group Classes. Most group classes shown are also available as private lessons.
  • If needed, for your 1st session, we can warm up with machine operation and basic sewing skills then transition to make a simple project or whatever you want to learn to make. (Please keep in mind, some projects take longer than others.)
  • If you are interested in beginner sewing projects, I have several to suggest. I can even provide a pre-cut fabric kit so you can jump right in and complete a simple project during your appointment. (Pre-cut kits cost $5 and up in addition to your Private Lesson fee) If you prefer to select your own fabrics, a supply list will be provided so you’ll know what to gather for class.

Supplies and Materials – “Do I need to provide my own machine for private lessons? What supplies will I need?”

  • It is always better for each student to provide their own machine. This way, progress can be made in between lessons and you can get more familiar with your machine’s special features.
  • Since some students do not have their own machine yet, StitchinJenny has TWO sewing machines, ONE serger, and ONE embroidery machine available for use during private lessons.
  • If you need StitchinJenny to provide a machine during your appointment, please make your request in advance. NOTE: A machine rental fee may apply.
  • StitchinJenny will provide you with a Private Lesson Supply List before your appointment. Please feel free to contact StitchinJenny with any questions about your supply list and/or your upcoming private lesson.

Location – “Where will we meet? Are In-Home Appointments an option?”

  • We can meet at Humble Sewing Center Tuesday through Saturday anytime from 10am up to 5pm as long as the classroom is available. (Please note: Appointments are booked on a first come basis.)
  • Depending on distance and availablity, In-Home Appointments are also an option whatever day and/or time works best for you. In most cases, I try to conclude evening appointments by 9pm.

Length of Appointments – “How long is a Private Lesson and are there any minimum or maximum time limits?”

  • All Private Lessons are a one hour minimum, but we can usually spend however long you want and even add time in 30 minute increments as needed.

Pricing and Payment Options – “How much do Private Lessons cost? Do I have to pay in advance?”

  • When meeting at Humble Sewing Center, the fee for a private lesson is $45 per hour. If preferred, up to 2 students can share the appointment and split the fee between them. Please contact me directly if you have questions about booking a Private Class for 3 or more people.
  • When booking an In-Home appointment, the fee is affected by the distance of the commute and ranges from $55 per hour and up. I do not charge you for my time driving. Please provide your location to receive an accurate price quote for your potential In-Home appointment.
  • Pre-payment for Private Lessons is not required. However, please be courteous and notify StitchinJenny of any cancellations or time change requests ASAP.
  • Full Payment is due at the end of your private lesson.
  • Payment Options include: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle

“I’ve always wanted to learn to sew. I’m so happy I found Jenny. She was born to teach and instructing is in her soul. I’ve never seen anyone with such patience and expertise at what they do. This has probably been the most fun and relaxing thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am forever grateful.”

Charly Dempsy (age 71)

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